A Blissful Life

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A Blissful Life


A place to connect so you can

Refresh   ~   Renew   ~  Revitalize

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your mind, body, and spirit.

Let Sagacy’s Coaching Center give your mind, body, spirit a much-needed break.  Whether socializing with friends, enriching your mind through self-development forums, or relaxing in a quiet corner.  You will leave connected, inspired, and rejuvenated enabling you to be more productive, patient, and joyful.

Sagacy’s Coaching Center is a place of connection for professional women, stay at home moms, and entrepreneurs seeking to gain support, a network, and a guilt-free break away.  A suite of services provides you the opportunity you deserve to take much needed “me-time” and take advantage of personal coaching to stress-reducing experiences such as leisure activities in a relaxing, inspiring environment.

We invite you to experience:

  • guilt-free time allowing you the opportunity to de-stress
  • face to face connection
  • relaxation, happiness, and revitalization

Be more productive!  Deal with the demands of life!  Live life happily ever after!

Come alone or bring a friend to enjoy this experience with you.  Remember, time away does not have to be far…


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Activities &Excursions Inside and Outside

Meditative Exercise (Tai Chi, Qigong) – Laughing Club – Play – Walks – Hikes – Wine Country – Pamper Me Days – Chocolate, Champagne, & Tears – and many more activities and events

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Inspiring Connection

Hang out – 1:1 Coaching – Mid-Day Tea – Group Talk – Networking Events – Refreshments – Refreshing Drinks


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We look forward to connecting with you!

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