Summer is here and everyone is out and about, but that does not mean that those who suffer from summertime blues get a respite. Talking about depression is often kept on the down low. However, depression is no temporary phase. Many people suffer from this dreaded feeling while functioning day to day. Depression has its ups and downs and can often feel like a very comfortable space to withdraw from the world. And it is very easy to allow yourself to be consumed by the darkness of depression.

However, summer is one of the best times to take advantage of. Use the warmth of days to avert your energy to the happier brighter things in life. Summer is filled with more community activities, nature sights, sounds, and creatures, and get-together opportunities. Summer makes it that much easier for you to take a step out of depression’s trap. Use that dispiriting energy towards making your day and someone else’s day brighter. Happiness is infectious. Putting yourself in a situation where others are happy will generate happiness within you. We are meant to connect with other people, so use summer to your advantage to take a step ahead of downcast feelings.

I challenge you to take one step to put yourself in an environment where you are interacting, celebrating, or having fun with nature and or other people. Avert your energy towards making others happy and the happiness feeling will rebound back to you. This summer is your summer. Every day is your day. Have a happy and safe summer!