Dr. Nadine Watson

Dr. Nadine Watson, Founder of Sagacy Coaching, is a Certified Integral Executive and Life Coach. She has assisted numerous individuals achieve life-changing results. Having overcome many of life’s obstacles herself, she has become a powerful and dynamic coach assisting others in triumphing over their own personal obstacles so they are equipped to pursue life, achieve career aspirations, and engage fully with joy.

Nadine has held positions in both corporate and non-profit businesses as a Non-Profit Program Director, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Non-Profit Board Member.

In addition to her Integral Life Coach Certification, Nadine holds a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership degree, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), a BS in Management Information Systems, a Non-Profit Management Certification, and a Vocational Teaching Credential in Business Management and Computer Applications.

Sagacy Defined

A saga is a long, complicated story with many details. Oftentimes, we tell our story with or without the myriad of details. Sagacy is to see and to integrate your story, so you live into the fullness of being.

The Johari Window

The Johari Window is used in the Sagacy Coaching logo to expose the arena in which Nadine’s approach to coaching is accomplished. Each windowpane describes a portion of yourself that you may or may not know: the Public Self, the Private Self, the Blind Self, and the Undiscovered Self.

Nadine’s coaching is accomplished by uncovering that which is unknown to you and that which is unknown to others.

Sagacy Coaching Offers:

Individual Coaching

Individual professional development and leadership coaching to assist you with the skills and competencies required to thrive at the next level.

Group Coaching

Group life coaching to help you achieve life-long excellence and long-lasting lifestyle changes.


Workshops geared to educate one to wholeness (spirit, soul, and body).


A forum and environment that brings people with diverse interests and backgrounds together.

Networking Events

The first thing we have to do is tell the absolute truth. The radical, gut level, honest truth.

~Iyanla Vanzant

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