Achieving Happiness


Oftentimes, we look to external sources to make us happy. We often think happiness comes once we attain a certain status, once we have material possessions, or when we reach satisfaction in our relationships. However, making it to that next level, obtaining the things we desire, or having a satisfying relationship, does not do the trick. Some other need or want arises in ourselves and we seek to find happiness all over again.

Below are a few skills you can employ to increase your level of happiness:


“Stop and smell the roses.” Take a moment to savor events throughout your day. This might be your morning cup of tea, an interaction with a co-worker or friend, or a memory. Engage your senses as you think of a positive experience.


What are you thankful for? Writing notes of gratitude has great rewards! I began sending thank you notes to friends and family, and I received numerous phone calls and notes of thanks in return which made me happy.


Imagine yourself one month, six months, and one year from today. Imagine you have met your goals and you are where you desire to be. Success follows happiness.


Random acts of kindness can lead to increased levels of happiness not only for the receiver, but for the giver as well.


Putting yourself in another person’s shoes leads to better relationships as you consider what others may need and how you can help satisfy their needs. Who can you support by considering their needs?

Source: Resources for Living

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