When Love Hurts

When I think of a monthly theme for February I always think of love. I think of the loving relationships I share with my family and friends. I think of the things I love to do and the places I love to go. I think of cherished memories. Which now reminds me of my mother’s […]

The Wonder of a New Year

Imagine. Believe. Resolve. Achieve. Happiness. Success.  These are common words that motivate us to pursue what our hearts truly desire.  What will you do once your dreams come true?  Envision you are at the end of 2018.  But wait! 2018 just began.  That’s right.  This year, we begin with the end in mind.  So, take […]

The Gift

I was at the nail salon not too long ago.  My favorite technician was unavailable, so I was invited to sit at the station next to hers.  When my nails were dry, I paid my technician, offered her a tip, and then reached over to offer my favorite technician a tip.  My favorite technician met […]

Count Your Blessings

“Take time to count your blessings and you’ll have little time to count anything else” – Woodrow Kroll With all the devastation going on around us, it is easy to overlook that we are blessed.  Blessings come in many forms: they range from our very own lives; to our family, friends, and extended community; to […]

The Next Chapter

This past summer my husband and I had the pleasure of blessing my middle child, Ashley, in marriage. The wedding was a beautiful occasion. As I reflect back over the past year of preparations, whereby I experienced moments of joy, excitement, sadness, anxiety and exhaustion, I am reminded of how those feelings all culminated into […]

A Happy Summer

Summer is here and everyone is out and about, but that does not mean that those who suffer from summertime blues get a respite. Talking about depression is often kept on the down low. However, depression is no temporary phase. Many people suffer from this dreaded feeling while functioning day to day. Depression has its […]

In Full Bloom

“April showers, bring May flowers.” What will you do with the abundance provided to us this year?  Brighter skies, warmer weather, and the arrival of spring in all its beauty bring much abundance to everyone’s day this time of year. Sometimes, we become set in our daily routine going through the motions. We become desensitized […]