Congratulations to you too!

We made it to the end of another year!  Now what? Take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief!  Take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments.  Take a moment to admit your faults. Take a moment to reflect on and instill any lessons learned.  Take some time to appreciate all that you are in the midst of all that is happening around you.  With this appreciation of self, take time to honor those who are with you, and remember those who have passed on before you.

I am reminded of the song, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  If you are reading this it means that you made it through this year.  Something you did or did not do enabled you to arrive at this point and time in life.  Some of us survived.  Some of us thrived! Now what?

We pause.  And after that pause, we keep on keeping on.  Moment by moment; we live.  One step at a time; we move. With each encounter with one another, we give.  We give of our time, and of ourselves.  Now what? We stay open to what life has in store for us.