“Take time to count your blessings and you’ll have little time to count anything else” – Woodrow Kroll

With all the devastation going on around us, it is easy to overlook that we are blessed.  Blessings come in many forms: they range from our very own lives; to our family, friends, and extended community; to our health, and all our possessions; to the air we breathe, nature, and all its wonder.  Many people have suffered many losses including those who have lost their lives.  While we are saddened by the events and the accounts of lives lost, we can also maintain a sense of hope, peace, and comfort by focusing on our blessings.

Negativity tends to outweigh positivity because it works against us.  Simple concept, right?  We actually have the power to turn that around.  When we focus on all of the present positivity in our lives, we will not have time to recognize the negative.

May you count your blessings this Thanksgiving and be a blessing to others.

Happy Thanksgiving!