There are quite a few relief efforts underway these days. The recent news is a perfect display of the devastation occurring around us.  I am reminded, none of us are too far from some sort of disaster, albeit a natural disaster.  For some of us, we don’t have to look very far; we require relief right where we are.  I want to challenge you to support those near and far in need of relief, and while doing so, consider what you require for yourself as relief.

We may express relief through many forums and efforts.  We give by way of supporting one another’s sustenance:  donating items, giving money to our favorite charity relief organizations, spending time in volunteer service, saying a prayer, and or simply offering words of encouragement.  Again, I encourage you to consider your own livelihood, health, mental, emotional, and spiritual status first.  Put yourself first, in order to, have the efficacy to support someone else in need. Consider the instructions given at the start of an airplane trip: “In the event of an emergency, please put your oxygen mask on first.”

To be able to give of yourself, time, and means, you must first take care of yourself.  This means self-care.  This means maintaining your health through rest, proper diet, and of course exercise.  This means creating an environment that enables you to thrive.  This means surrounding yourself with those who can support you.  This means engaging in activities to stimulate growth, excitement, and pleasure.  And, this also means that you can always ask for what you need. Relief comes in many forms to provide support, nourishment, and restore vitality.

Your relief is here and now.