“April showers, bring May flowers.”

What will you do with the abundance provided to us this year?  Brighter skies, warmer weather, and the arrival of spring in all its beauty bring much abundance to everyone’s day this time of year.

Sometimes, we become set in our daily routine going through the motions. We become desensitized to the positive in our lives and become focused on the negative. Take some time to include in your spring-cleaning routine, a life cleaning. Refresh your outlook and take note of what it is in your life that you do have and what makes you happy.

Take a moment to recognize the abundance you have in your life. This can be in the form of your family, a friendly neighbor, a steady job, or a passion that keeps you happy. Embrace those things that are in abundance in your life and be grateful. Acknowledging what is good in the present will create a happier you.