Hop to it!

Now that spring is sure to arrive it is time to assess the first quarter of this year. How are you doing with your new year’s resolutions? Are you still on track? Have you calendared your plans for this year? Have there been any measurable steps toward your vision and goals? 

Spring is generally a time marked for cleaning.  That is, assessing what needs dusting off, getting rid of, or just revisiting.  It is also a great time of reflection.  With brighter skies ahead, we generally cheer up looking forward to warmer, sunnier days.  While we are feeling good about what is ahead with the change in weather, take time to assess where you are.

Take a moment to reflect on what you are willing to commit to this year and plan accordingly.  Remember to set SMART goals.  Set your goals so they are easily obtainable. Then do what is reasonably logical to do.  When we are moving forward the next step is automatic.  So keep moving!  Keep hopping!