Signature Speeches to Inspire!

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Nadine Watson is a dynamic motivational and keynote speaker. Taking cues from her engagement with clients, women’s forums, and networking events, Nadine speaks to life’s ups and downs. She engages her audience with captivating and motivating talks, so all walk away challenged to live life to the fullest! Topics may be customized to suit audience and event themes.
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Speaking Topics

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[wc_tab title=”Discover Happiness”]

We all want to be happy.  Yet we all face mental, emotional and situational circumstances that wind up creating an emotional state of being that may be undesirable.  In this talk, you will discover the keys to reach a level of happiness in all facets of life; be it work, life, or relationships.

Discover what happiness is all about.
Learn the skills to obtaining happiness.


[wc_tab title=”Healthy Relationships 101″]
Human hands in heart shape on bright background

We need each other to survive and engaging in a healthy relationships requires attention.  Gain insight to the tools required to engage relationally with a significant other, loved ones, peers, co-workers, and others in your community.

Discover why healthy relationships are important.
Discover the components of a healthy relationship.
Acquire skills necessary to set healthy boundaries.


[wc_tab title=”Parenting Today’s Children”]
Tonjanae baby

Parenting today’s children requires a very different approach than parenting in the past.  Today’s parents are faced with greater challenges in raising their children. Today’s children defy most every rule both written and unwritten our parents used with us.

Discover why you parent the way you parent.
Discover tools required for effectively parenting today’s youth.
Become confident in your role as a parent today.

[wc_tab title
[wc_tab title=”Possibility of Moving Forward”]

Identifies areas where we get stuck in our ways which prevents us from moving forward.  Three action items provide a way to get unstuck and moving forward in the possibility of your dreams, goals, and/or desires.

Discover how we get stuck in our ways.
Discover that you can change your perspective.
Learn an intervention process for moving forward.

[wc_tab title=”Stepping into Your Power”]

Exploring what is power, what we avoid, and what we are committed to.  In this dynamic talk one is challenged to take the steps required to making things happen.

Identify what may be holding you back.
Discover what it takes to build a strong foundation of power.
Identify how you can begin to step into your power.


[wc_tab title=”Revitalize and Renew You”]

What will it take to bring about a change in you this year? Three actionable steps are presented that lead the way to becoming a happy new you. In this talk you will:

Discover what inhibiting behaviors you are holding onto.
Identify what it will take to become a happy new you.
Make a commitment toward a new you.



[wc_tab title=”Modesty and Purity”]

Based on concepts of self-esteem, inner beauty, modesty, and girl power; this fully interactive talk challenges and excites teen girls to a higher standard of choices.

Recognize that we are all masterpieces.
Learn what true modesty represents.
Discover that our unique traits is what real beauty is about.


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