What Clients Are Saying . . .

Nadine is very knowledgeable and insightful. The initial profile she made of me as well as the personalized program she developed for me was spot-on. I was impressed with how she “got” me after just one interview and was able to present an appropriate improvement plan. As a result of my time with Mrs. Watson, I found a new perspective and I became aware of behaviors I needed to change in order to more fully become the person I want to be. It is with ease that I recommend Mrs. Nadine Watson as a life coach.

– Karen Carmichael, Associate Director for a private university

What drew me to Nadine was the attention and focus she has towards supporting people and her organized ability to assist her clients in reaching their goals. She has a positive energy and an open way of connecting to others. Her program was well presented and allowed me to focus on establishing new habits gradually over a period of time. The program was also flexible enough to shift when I wanted to add new goals or focus on something more specific after the program had begun. I highly recommend Nadine for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.

– Jessica Power, Graphic Design at Amulet Technologies

Life is constantly changing and so are my personal goals. Nadine’s approach, guidance, and coaching helped me in appreciating the journey of reaching my goals and celebrating once there. For anyone who is looking to change their life, but doesn’t know where to start, I highly recommend working with Nadine. She has a deep understanding of how to work with different types of people with various issues and she will give you methods to deal with changing your priorities in effective and efficient ways.

– Jezabel Serrano, Director of Operations at New Deal Design

Nadine is a true professional in her field providing her clients with thoughtful, motivating and results oriented coaching that I found to be the most timely for me personally. I still use the tools she shared. I found working with Nadine to be so easy. She is a wonderful listener and a great resourcer skillful at her trade. I plan to utilize her services again.

– Heidi Francis-Paizis, Chef Assistant at Kindred Table

After going through the plan designed for me, I experienced profound change in my thinking and how I approach certain situations. I notice certain trigger points in my life and I am better able to control my own destiny.

– Consultant

I had the pleasure of being coached by Nadine. … She gave me the gift of personal empowerment.

– Deborah Moody, Executive Director of The Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants