As summer approaches, it instills a sense of consistency. Nature follows its routine closing off the colder winter and spring months, while welcoming warm sunny days. The weather is consistent with clear skies. The kids are enjoying their summer break filled with fun. Many are preparing their summer vacations to spend time with family or engage in summertime activities.

Consistency is an opportunity to embody that which you value. Once you have a set routine it is much easier to try adding something else to your life. For example, fun is a wholesome core value. With routines in place, it becomes easy to determine where you might add a bit of fun in your life. What core values are you currently in alignment with on a daily basis?  What events in your life allow you express those values?  What events get in the way?  If you are consistently in alignment with your core values, I challenge you to choose a few more to incorporate and live an enriching life!

Happy summer!

Summer time is a time of consistency.  Nature has taken its course and is busy showing forth the fruit of a restful winter, the beauty of spring’s productiveness.  The weather is fairly consistent, children are full of excitement as school breaks, and most of us are looking forward to spending extended time with family and friends and some fun and excursions as we take a break from our busying schedules.

Consistency is an opportunity to instill that which you value