I was at the nail salon not too long ago.  My favorite technician was unavailable, so I was invited to sit at the station next to hers.  When my nails were dry, I paid my technician, offered her a tip, and then reached over to offer my favorite technician a tip.  My favorite technician met me with hesitance. I was expecting this response from her, but I insisted.  The technician who had polished my nails was astonished.  “But she did not do anything”, she exclaimed.  I explained that she did not have to do anything to receive a gift.

Extending random acts of kindness are rewarding for both the giver and the receiver.  We have heard stories about individuals paying it forward:  The guy in line at the coffee shop pays for the person behind him.  The person going through the toll crossing pays for the car behind him.  We donate gently used items to the benefit of others. These acts become the gift that keeps on giving. And in turn, random acts of kindness for the receiver are like the $5 bill you forgot about and found in your jeans pocket after doing laundry.

Contribution is an essential human need. A random act of kindness is the gift that gives back. You are overjoyed that someone has been affected so positively by something you did. The receiver is overjoyed by the giver’s generosity and unexpected gift. Giving can fulfill our hearts and provide us with a sense of love, peace, joy, and hope.

I extend to you the gift of peace this holiday season!