The Magic of Giving Thanks

What would November be without a message on Thanksgiving?

Research has proven that the key to success is happiness, and the key to happiness is gratitude. Being grateful has lots of benefits. Gratitude is related to optimism and self-confidence. Gratitude deepens our relationships. Gratitude causes a shift in our mindset so we can spot more opportunities to be positive.

Did you know it takes 300 repetitions to build a habit? And, it takes 3000 repetitions to embody a behavior. I once challenged a group of entrepreneurs to writing at least 3 things they were grateful for each day. One entrepreneur committed to the task and calculated the assignment would take approximately two years to complete if she wrote four gratitudes per night. She later reported her life taking “a gentle turn, totally magical at times.” She also said her life “morphed” into a nicer pace.

I am grateful for those of you reading this article. I appreciate your readiness to learn more about one another and our community through the articles presented in this web post. I appreciate those contributors who willingly contribute content and feedback that keeps us connected.

It is my hope you will commit to giving thanks with a grateful heart until you embody all that giving thanks brings with it: energy, emotional awareness, forgiveness, overall well-being, happiness, and success.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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