This past summer my husband and I had the pleasure of blessing my middle child, Ashley, in marriage. The wedding was a beautiful occasion. As I reflect back over the past year of preparations, whereby I experienced moments of joy, excitement, sadness, anxiety and exhaustion, I am reminded of how those feelings all culminated into the main event. Did I mention the wedding was a beautiful occasion? And I was filled with some of those same feelings. I came to the conclusion that Ashley is now onto something new and different in life. She is leaving behind some old relationships, activities, and ways of being as she enters into the partnership of marriage. I cannot help but wonder, what her new life will bring.

Oftentimes, the next chapter is written as a transition from one major or minor event to another. Oftentimes, life’s circumstances dictate how those events play out in our emotions and ultimately in our memory. And while, there were moments of feelings that I did not enjoy experiencing, it is the whole range of emotions that creates synergy and a beautiful occasion.

How will you create those life-changing moments whereby there is a distinct experience you can treasure?

How will you write the next chapter?