The Race is Off!

Ready, set, WAIT! With the last quarter of the year quickly approaching, I feel like I am always racing. I was in the grocery store a couple weeks ago, and I noticed the specialty aisle full of candy. At first, I wondered, what the purpose was for all of the candy? Then it hit me: Halloween!

Are you ready for the coming months? You know the routine by now: plan for the holidays; make preparations for family visits; switch the clocks back an hour; shop, shop, and shop some more.

But wait! Let’s not rush the year-end the same way we usually do. Going into auto-mode is not truly fulfilling with shopping, eating, and cheer. Let’s take time to remember what is essential in life, family, relationships, and community. Recall the essence behind all of the shuffle, hustle, and bustle.   Begin now, connecting to those who matter to you in a meaningful way. Experience the joy, solace, and fulfillment connection can bring, and relax knowing you have tapped into what is most important in life.

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