March is one of my favorite months because college basketball is nearing the end of the season, and the playoffs are always exciting to watch.  March Madness is the term given to the NCAA Division I Men’s College Basketball Tournament.  A champion team is sure to emerge.  But that’s not all! If we watch closely many champions emerge. 

During this season, we are guaranteed to see a whole range of activity.  As we anticipate the winner of each game, we will see the underdog rise to the top, the prized team fall, and overtime upsets.  We will experience last-minute buzzer beaters and the agony of defeat. 

Many will determine their best guess as to who will win it all.  One might consider their pick a loss, as unexpected triumphs will quickly cause a shift in their brackets that predicted the winning team.  However, all is not a loss.

Looking forward to winning is a process that evokes lots of emotions.  I implore you to consider the win-win.  There is something to be said about losing just as much as there is in winning.  Losing is an opportunity to win.  We win when we view our losses in light of lessons learned, we respect and appreciate others, and we display a “can-do” attitude. You win, I win; it’s a win-win!