Imagine. Believe. Resolve. Achieve. Happiness. Success.  These are common words that motivate us to pursue what our hearts truly desire.  What will you do once your dreams come true?  Envision you are at the end of 2018.  But wait! 2018 just began.  That’s right.  This year, we begin with the end in mind.  So, take three deep cleansing breaths.  And imagine it is the end of 2018.

As you look back, envision the events that have occurred over the year.  (Remember, good and not so good events each play a role in your journey.)  Envision the places you frequented. Imagine the people with whom you made a connection.  Imagine that which you have contributed your time, your talents, and your gifts.  Take time to allow your feelings to become present as you visualize the impact the year has had on you.  It is with the feelings that arise in your imagination that can propel you to pursuing your dreams and enjoying the wonder of the New Year.

Be sure to write down all that you imagined.  The ancient Greeks’ define happiness as, “the joy you feel striving toward your potential.”   Revisit the writings of your imagination often, and feel the joy because the wonder of the New Year awaits you!