When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. But wait! There is so much more you can do!  We often hear this quote as it pertains to life. But, just like there is more to life, there is more you can do with lemons.

My neighbors recently gave me a bag full of lemons from their lemon tree.  This gave me the opportunity to explore the many different uses of lemons.  Lemons are known to be detoxifying.  Cut them up and put them in your water.  Supposedly, drinking lemon water first thing in the morning can aid in weight loss. Put lemons in bowls and place them around the house for a bright, decorative and refreshing look.  Cut them up and put them in attractive containers and place them in the bathroom for a lemony scent.  As they dry they become potpourri, and can be refreshed with a spritz of water or lemon oil.  Cut them up in quarters and dispose of them in the drain of the kitchen sink.  You can use them with baking soda paste to clean the oven. You can also use them to add flavor to your favorite recipes like lemon chicken, lemon fish, or squeeze them over any dish. This weekend I’m having lemon meringue pie!

I even share the lemons with my family and friends. When friendly visitors stop by and see the plentiful lemons in my home, they too see an opportunity to use and make something out of the lemons. So when life hands you lemons or in my case, a neighbor, don’t just make lemonade.  Remember there is so much more.  The same applies to life. There is always more.

Thank you Katherine and Minli for enabling me to explore the many uses of lemons.