Life may be filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, and bliss and woes.  The difference between these polar opposites is how we manage, cope, and deal with what life brings us.  

Experiencing the upside of life is an opportunity to express our joy, gratitude, and zest for life.  It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and extend encouragement to someone else.  Experiencing the downside is an opportunity to experience those very same qualities of expressions.  

As I reflected on last year, I recalled a rebuking moment of a situation I instigated.  I recalled feeling the shame and embarrassment of my actions.  As I pondered how to rectify the situation, I began to obtain understanding.  While, what I wanted was comfort and relief from the anguish I felt, I began to experience joy because of the lesson I learned.  I realized this situation has caused me to grow wiser.  It enabled me to express my sincere intentions and commit to a better way of expressing myself.

So when you are experiencing a high or low, consider it as a useful means for becoming a fully lived and experienced being!