When I think of a monthly theme for February I always think of love. I think of the loving relationships I share with my family and friends. I think of the things I love to do and the places I love to go. I think of cherished memories. Which now reminds me of my mother’s passing. It has been a year ago this month that I felt the pain of the passing of a loved one.

So what do we do with the pain? I find solace remembering special moments. I become grateful for the time I had to be with her. And, I find a way to treasure my memories. I may engage in activities we used to do together like baking pies. I share stories about her with others. I also find reaching out to comfort and support others is a soothing remedy.
Love isn’t always a feel good. When Love hurts, draw close to those near and dear to you. Share your pain, expressing your thoughts and feelings. Get busy doing something that makes you feel good. Help someone else in need through service or some act of kindness. Take inventory of all that is good in your life. Express gratitude for relationships, pleasantries in interactions, and opportunities of the past. And employ peace and hope for the future.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash