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Leadership Development

Obtain a clear vision in alignment with your values

Strengthen leadership skills toward career progression

Develop core competencies to maximize potential and obtain results

Gain awareness to manage self and relationships effectively

Personal Development

Obtain a clear vision of your desired future

Liberation from self-defeating habits and traits

Renewed sense of self and self-worth

Increase aura of engagement for relational effectiveness

Leadership Development Coaching

Seminars and Workshops


Coaching Development

Coaching is a passionate commitment to assisting you to gain the insight necessary to unlock whatever has held you back — to propel you to move forward in the direction of your aspirations, so you experience excellence in your endeavors and live life to the fullest.

Development occurs as you reflect to maximize your awareness and grow your soft-skills, leadership skills, and other core competencies. You manage your career and you balance life’s matters.

Why do I need a coach?

Bill Gates says, “Everyone needs a coach.  We all need someone who will help us reach our goals and give us feedback.  That’s how we improve.”

What is included in a coaching package?

A comprehensive coaching development plan is included.  This plan is purpose and outcome driven and is personalized based on your individual assessment.  Included are activities and exercises to support your development.  

We will develop a coaching relationship and meet over a period of time to increase awareness, accomplish goals, and achieve excellence.

When and where will coaching sessions take place?

A variety of forums may be used for coaching.  Options include meeting locally face to face, by phone, via Skype.  Ongoing communication may be achieved through email and or text messages.

What about a complimentary session?

A complimentary session may be the best test to determine a fit for a coaching relationship and for you to determine if my coaching style is right for you.  Complete the contact form and message me to schedule your complimentary coaching session.

More questions?

Please complete the contact form to send me any additional questions you may have.

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